Guar Meal (Churi)


While manufacturing Guar split, germs and husk are get separated and these are protein rich used in feeding the cattles are called as Guar Churi Meal, which has very high demand in domestic as well international market. Germs contains 50% oil and albuminoids (O&A), husk contains 50% O&A.



Frequently Asked Questions

A: Guar Churi refers to the protein-rich by-product obtained during the manufacturing process of Guar split. When Guar seeds are processed to extract Guar gum, the germs and husk are separated, and these components are known as Guar Churi.
A: Guar Churi Meal, with its high protein content (40% protein, which is twice as much as that found in guar seeds), is primarily used as animal feed for cattle such as cows and buffaloes. The protein-rich and easily digestible nature of Guar Churi contributes to the animals’ overall health and serves as a good energy source. Additionally, incorporating Guar Churi into their diet is known to increase milk fat and improve the quantity of milk produced. Guar Churi is also utilized in the food preparation for fish and poultry industries, thanks to its rich protein and carbohydrate content.
A. The high protein content of Guar Churi, coupled with its digestible composition, provides numerous benefits to animals. Cattle, such as cows and buffaloes, can benefit from Guar Churi as it serves as an excellent source of energy and helps promote healthy digestion. The protein content aids in enhancing milk fat and increasing milk quantity, thereby positively impacting milk production. Guar Churi acts as a valuable by-product of the Guar gum industry, contributing to the nutritional well-being of animals.
A. Yes, Guar Churi is comparable to Corn Gluten Meal in terms of protein content. With approximately 40% protein content, Guar Churi is considered a valuable protein source for animal feed. The protein levels in Guar Churi are comparable to the protein content found in Corn Gluten Meal, making it a suitable alternative or supplement in animal nutrition.
A. Agro Gums is a leading manufacturer, exporter, supplier, and trader of Guar Churi. They offer Guar Churi at competitive and affordable rates. The production facilities at Agro Gums adhere to stringent international manufacturing standards, ensuring the quality and reliability of Guar Churi as a by-product of the Guar gum industry.