Guar Split


Guar Gum Refined Split is refined endosperm derived from guar seed or cluster bean (cyamoperm tetragonoloba).It is a non-ionic polysaccharide galacomannan.Guar Gum Refined Split (Endosperm) is mechanically separated from guar seed which yields 28-30% of Refined Split.Guar beans are harvested and dried following the growing season.



Guar Gum Powder Quality

Frequently Asked Questions

Guar Gum Refined Split is the refined endosperm obtained from the guar seed or cluster bean (cyamoperm tetragonoloba). It is a non-ionic polysaccharide called galactomannan. Guar Gum Refined Split is mechanically separated from the guar seed, resulting in a refined split that accounts for approximately 28-30% of the seed’s composition.
A: The process of producing Guar Gum Splits begins with the harvesting and drying of guar beans after the growing season. The beans are then shelled, and the germ and hull are removed. The remaining splits are wet-milled into a powder form. This powder is carefully graded based on granulation and quality. The final product is a refined split that can be further processed into Guar Gum Powder or used as is.
A. Guar Gum Splits are a crucial ingredient for the production of high-quality Guar Gum Powder. Manufacturers of Guar Gum Powder require quality Guar Gum Splits as a prerequisite for their manufacturing process. The Guar Gum Splits are further processed or blended according to specific requirements and then used in the production of Guar Gum Powder, which is used in various applications across different industries.
A. Guar Gum Splits offer several advantages due to their inherent properties. They possess excellent thickening and stabilizing capabilities, making them valuable in many formulations. Guar Gum Splits are also easily soluble in water, providing ease of use and formulation flexibility. Moreover, Guar Gum Splits are a natural and renewable resource, making them an environmentally friendly choice for various industries.
A. Guar Gum Splits are considered safe for consumption when used as an ingredient in food products within the recommended usage levels. However, it is important to comply with regulatory guidelines and consult with relevant authorities for specific applications. Individuals with known allergies or sensitivities to guar gum should exercise caution and seek professional advice if needed.