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Acme Atlas stands as a premier supplier,  specializing in high-quality Guar gum and Cassia gum powder. The company’s stronghold lies in its state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities coupled with strategic alliances with the largest growers of Guar gum and cassia gum crop.

Situated in close proximity to the primary regions of Guar and cassia gum crop cultivation, Acme Atlas enjoys unparalleled access to superior raw materials in both quality and quantity, and ensures a seamless transition from raw materials to finished products. Before distribution, our Quality Assurance team meticulously inspects, grades, and processes the raw materials, ensuring that only the finest products bear the Acme Atlas brand.

With a trajectory spanning more than three decades, Acme Atlas, as a supplier, plays a crucial role in sourcing guar gum and cassia gum products from Agro Gums, Avlast Hydrocolloids, and Amba Gums to various businesses or end  consumers. We likely manage the logistics, storage, and transportation of these products to ensure a smooth supply chain. Renowned for upholding stringent international quality standards, the company has carved a reputable niche in the global market. This success owes itself to the professional management and the presence of qualified scientific analysts in every division.

The diverse product portfolio, including Food Grade Gums, Textile Gums, and Natural Paper Gums, holds a distinct edge over competitors due to its exceptional quality, chemical composition, and consistent supply chain.

Acme Atlas continues to shine through its commitment to excellence, setting industry benchmarks for product appropriateness and reliability. Acme Atlas stands tall as a testament to unparalleled quality and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.